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What do I do about insurance?

Insurance is free within Ireland and the uk for drivers over 25 with less than 6 points on their licence. European travel, under 25’s or dirtier licences will have to enquire and we will check with insurance company.

Can we leave our car at your address?

Yes, you can leave a vehicle here when you depart. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage but will keep it as secure as our campers …… And might even give it a wee wash if I get time!

I have a dog, can he/she come along too?

Simple answer is yes, no problem. But within reason, Great Danes might have to be towed along behind!

What about sleeping bags, pillows and towels. Do we need to bring our own?

Most people prefer to bring their own but whatever we have here, you can have just remember to request them. There will be no extra charge unlike most. If we have it, you can have it!

Are the old vw’s difficult to drive or operate?

Not at all. You will be given a comprehensive guide before you leave, a handbook will also be provided and as for driving …… Once you are ten minutes up the road ….. You will have it sussed!

Can we come and see campers before we book?

Of course you can. You can even have a look around them to see which suits you best.just give us a bell to arrange it.

How do I make a booking?

Just give us a call on 07966798155 and I can take a deposit over the phone. £150 secures any booking and can be taken by any card @2% extra. The remainder of the booking is to be paid with in 6 weeks of travel. There is a £500 insurance deposit to be paid in cash on day of hire. This is fully returned upon safe return and can be reduced to £250 for a fee of £40.

What is included in hire?

We include as much as we can unlike most companies. Fully comprehensive insurance for not just one but all drivers who meet the requirements. Bedding, pillows and towels (if requested), full AA breakdown and recovery (just in case), outdoor table and 4 chairs, all cutlery crockery, cooking utensils and equipment, one tank of cooking and heating gas, tea coffee and sugar, maps, reading material and a few games.