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Dunrunnin is one of Irelands latest Vw camper rental companies. we are ideally placed in the island town of Enniskillen in the middle of Fermanagh’s waterways but also close to the border which gives our customer unfettered access to both the north and south of Ireland and what each has to offer.

I honestly believe that Ireland and VW go very well together, both have a remarkable power to slow life down, forcing anyone to relax and unwind as you potter around Irelands hidden gems ……. in a gem of your own!

“Sandie” is our much loved 1974 vw bay window westfalia. she is RHD with an original 1600 air cooled engine.She boats a fully original exterior but a full bespoke oak interior, red vinyl upholstery and full heating sytem also. She is the pride of the fleet in my eyes and there is nothing like it when cruising the irish roads. She sleeps 5 in total with 2 double beds and a further bunk for a small child!

“Freddie” is our latest addition to the fleet in our strive to remain retro, he is a 1980 dodge spacevan, a later version of the commer camper. This particular vehicle is exactly what I went on my holidays in as a child and is rare on our roads, well any roads for that matter! At the minute he will be converted for 2 and will be an ideal festival or romantic getaway ….. if you meet another on the road, you may make a wish!